June 18, 2013
18 Jun 2013

Shooting for the moon. Video production in NYC

I shot some behind-the-scenes footage for an ad campaign for Corona recently. Said shoot was not in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or anywhere near sand nor was it even in the sunshine. It was in NYC with lots of concrete, traffic, night life, and one killer billboard ad.

I was brought on by some of the most talented time-lapsers out there, Drew and Drew from District 7 Media. You might recognize their work from Netflix’s House of Cards, The X-Games, and the last Superbowl.  The science behind lining up two objects, one of which is 239,000 miles away is really, shall I say, difficult? The ad has been getting some good traffic and recognition lately. #1 on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post even did a story about it.

Here is some more work from the crazy-talented District 7 Media team.

Corona billboard moon and lime in NYC

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