February 17, 2010
17 Feb 2010

Olympics 2010: Gold medalist Seth Wescott

I got to do a quick little interview of my own with two-time gold medalist Seth Wescott. He now holds all the gold medals for snowboard cross since it’s introduction to the Olympics games four years ago in Torino. I did this quick little intro after I shot the interview by USA TODAY’s Reid Cherner in our studio in the heart of Vancouver. 

Event Photography |Olympic Seth WescottTaken during the filming of the interview with Wescott from within our Vancouver Today studio.

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  1. allison says:

    Wow! Two-gold medals – that’s amazing! I don’t know what snowboard cross is though. Will have to look that up. Nice video angle during this interview. I also liked how you spliced it together. :0)

  2. BeffChica says:

    any way you can get some autographs? hahaha =) I’m loving these Olympics and I am just ecstatic that you have this privilege to meet these amazing athletes! WOW! Continue to have such an awesome time out there!

  3. Garrett Hubbard says:

    thanks for the feedback Allison. glad you liked it 🙂

    Elizabeth. autographs. hmmm I like that idea.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think snowboard cross is when they race together??? 🙂

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