February 15, 2010
15 Feb 2010

Olympics 2010: An interview & fist bump with Hannah Kearney

Event Photography |Olympic Hannah KearneyHannah Kearney and her gold medal at the USA House in Vancouver. By Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

I had the opportunity to be the first person to interview USA’s first gold medalist, Hannah Kearney, after the awards ceremony Sunday evening at the USA House in downtown Vancouver. She was super cool! I showed up early and was first in line ahead of the other news outlets for a one-on-one interview with our freestyle moguls champ. I got set up 30-minutes in advance (b/c you don’t keep an Olympian waiting) and the first thing I did when I saw her was give her an enthusiastic congratulations and held out my fist hoping she would return with a fist-bump. She did, and with a big smile too. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from my four-minute interview with this fun girl. Keep in mind she said she hadn’t slept the night before. I guess winning the gold medal is exciting? : )

As with all the stories I tell my goal is that the viewer get an authentic glimpse into the subjects life.  The best stuff is at the beginning! Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Garrett, Mike & I watched the podium ceremony for the women’s moguls in our hotel room in L.A. We got to see some of Hannah’s runs too. She seemed real nice in your interview. You got her fresh & still really excited. I loved the interview!


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