March 25, 2015
25 Mar 2015

Non-Profit Video Production Stories for Generosity Feeds | DC Video Production

Projects and productions like this remind me of the power of visual story and why I do what I do. Last year my wife and I made a commitment to do more to serve our own community. We’ve been volunteering a little bit with Generosity Feeds for the past 3 years but we decided to get more involved. We love their heart and mission to help kids break the cycle of poverty by partnering with local schools to provide healthy meals. Studies have shown that 1 in 5 children in America struggle with hunger and this goes on to have lasting effects on their lives.

One way I helped was by consulting with the President of Generosity Feeds. I listened to some of his goals, analyzed his existing marketing and video assets and I suggested that we would be able to better communicate the Generosity Feeds story by showing who is affected by these meals. I knew this would better communicate to their existing supporters as well as and bring on new supporters.

Generosity Feeds: Reaching families in your community from Garrett Hubbard on Vimeo.

This project was shot on our new Sony FS7 4K video camera in Slog3 and graded with ColorFinale.

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