November 10, 2015
10 Nov 2015

Heroes of Leidos. DC company veteran portraits

Awesome project alert! One of my clients invited me into something special this fall. They wanted help producing the visual side of their annual project that honors the veterans on their team. Leidos has been doing this Heroes of Leidos project for a number of years but this is the first time they hired a professional photographer to tell this story. In the past, they relied on photos supplied by the veterans they profiled. You’ll see some of those pictures in the profile stories below. Those photos give great context to their military service but they are missing aspects of their lives now which helps make the connection from serving in the military to joining the Leidos team. Our goal was to highlight each veterans honorable choices and I think we nailed it! I created some visual themes that unified our series and I provided location options for each portrait. With DC in our backyard, the options that aligned with our message were plentiful.  I couldn’t be happier with the results. We decided to highlight 6 veterans in all and you can see all my portraits in the looping slideshow on the Heroes of Leidos page.

Many thanks to Ed and his team for showing the value of great photography on this project and getting it off the ground. They created a a beautiful and responsive display to highlight our pictures. Nany thanks to Moses (below) for spending a Friday evening with me and Ed and helping us make one of my favorite photos of the series.

Veteran in front of world war II DC monument

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