Customer testimonial video for Direct Energy Solar | DC Video Production

  • Client:
    Direct Energy Solar
  • Role:
    Producer, Director of Photography, and Editor
  • Year:

In our third project for Direct Energy Solar, GH Studios was tasked with giving potential residential install customers insight into the process of going solar. We knew that a testimonial would perfectly bolster the brand messages that promise an honest, transparent, and worry-free solar process. The client also wanted a shorter video that would be utilized in client retention. One that would be leveraged in a follow-up email after the frist point of contact as well as one to be used on their homepage. The client was thrilled with the short and long stories we produced. We were thrilled too and we firmly believe that real stories partnered with strong visual storytelling bring the greatest level of trust, engagement, and customer conversion to our clients. DC video production by GH Studios.

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