April 19, 2013
19 Apr 2013

Finding Financial Freedom video

I’m really excited to share this Finding Financial Freedom video I produced for Church of the Free. It has all my favorite ingredients. Real people, real stories, beautiful light, creatively simple editing, and economics. And the needle just dropped off the record. Wait, economics, what? It’s true. Financial stewardship and understanding the economy interests me. Before I was a visual storyteller I got my undergraduate degree in economics and accounting and I was studying to become a CPA. But that’s a whole different story all together. Check out the video and consider what it might look like for you to get out of debt or be a better steward of your finances.

After I did some initial calls with my client about their goals I put together a few proposal options with different options for narrative structure, story inclusion, and production level. I’m glad they went with my top choice and that my client was willing let me light their production so dramatically after hearing me out about why I thought it would be a perfect visual theme to communicate their message. As a creative, it is so great to partner with clients who give you the freedom to express visually the stories they want to share. Another reason this project is so important to me is that my wife and I went through the class a year ago and it blessed us. It was the tipping point for me being ready to leave USA TODAY and go out and start GH Studios. Many thanks to my coach Dave and all the friends I made who walked through this financial class with us.

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