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November 1, 2013
01 Nov 2013

Halloween Photo Booth by GH Studios v.2013

Another year, another Halloween photo booth. I’ve been doing this for a few years now in an effort to bless my neighbors with fun, free photos. We moved recently and I got to meet a lot more of my neighbors last night. The rain didn’t slow down the constant flow of ninjas, superheroes, and walking dead. However, I did put a bit of a damper on the way I wanted to light this.  All the parents were into it so I think I escaped the “creepy new guy in the neighborhood” label for now. I handed out my business cards to all the parents and I’ve already had one parent who received their photos say the following.

oh my goodness, those are awesome! thank you. the look on Asher (the front one) is priceless, so him :)thanks!!!


DC Photography | Halloween in SterlingDC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling. © Garrett Hubbard 2013 DC Photography | Halloween in Sterling. © Garrett Hubbard 2013
Until next year, Halloween photo booth!

March 10, 2013
10 Mar 2013

Baby perspectives: The baby photo booth reveals why babies really laugh and cry

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Our dear friends threw us a co-ed baby shower and it was a ton of fun. I wanted to make a visual guest book for our daughter so she could someday see all the people who showered us with baby gifts galore and lots of love. I thought a baby photo booth was a great way to do that. In the weeks leading up to this shower my wife bought a playful background we could hang on the wall. But on the morning of the shower the creativity I had sought out to make this photo booth special landed right in my lap. A photo booth from a baby’s perspective. Yes! Leave it to the photojournalist to get the inspiration on deadline. After looking at these I now know why babies laugh and cry when they look up at us.

November 8, 2012
08 Nov 2012

GH Studios halloween Photo Booth version 12

Welcome to my neighborhood. It’s a crazy-scary-awesome hood and my neighbors are the coolest. Just to prove it I set up a photo booth of sorts in my front yard and invited our trick-or-treaters to take a photo. Here are some of my favorites. (If you are my neighbor and you are reading this drop by to pick up your free prints!)

DC Photography | Photo Booth
Apparently my neighborhood will be the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Polluted drinking water could exonerate this group, right?
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Killer costumes with the news hook! Disney acquired Lucas Films and rights to the Star Wars franchise the day before Halloween. Bonus points from this journalist!
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Where the Wild Things Are, a fairy, and a busted up CEO of a bank that was too big to fail.
DC Photography | Photo Booth
My neighbor the smiling witch and me, the organic farmer–non GMO of course!
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Me and my crazy neighbors.
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Best family costume award
DC Photography | Photo Booth
Best “Photographer gets photographed”
DC Photography | Photo Booth
The King and his Kat. ‘Nuff said.

Until next year neighbors.

September 16, 2009
16 Sep 2009

To be known on my birthday

Friends & family (my sweet mom) came from near and far to celebrate my birthday this year. Thanks for making this birthday a memorable one friends. Of course the photo booth was in effect : )

To those cruel people who silly-stringed me & petey-the-pineapple, your time will come!
November 11, 2008
11 Nov 2008

Step right up to the Halloween Photobooth part II

Now for the pictures you’ve been waiting to see. The big kid photos in the previous Halloween Photobooth blog post were lively and fun, but they’ve got nothin on these youngins! Yes, those cute kids in my neighborhood in their awesome costumes who came to my house trick-or-treating. I was able to get them to loosen up a little bit and bring out a little bit of their personality for the camera. So mark your calendars! Kids young and old are invited to next-years Halloween Photobooth! Enjoy!

I never received an email from the Batman’s mom so we may not ever get to see it here unless I get permission from her.

November 1, 2008
01 Nov 2008

Step right up to the Halloween Photobooth


“Best straw cowboy hat” – Me

This year is a year of firsts and yesterday was no exception. My first Halloween at my new house. So what better way to celebrate than handing out candy and offering a my new neighbors a photograph of their kids in their costume. I can tell you that most liked it and had a lot of fun with it. I can also tell you that I got the “son, you are creepy” look from some parents–okay only one mother. I’ve posted some of my favorite photographs of the “big kids” who showed up in costume. I even had a group of friends call me because they read my Facebook status which mentioned the photobooth and asked if the photobooth was still set up. They arrived within 10 minutes for their close-up. So mark your calendars for next year. All are invited for a fun photograph! I will post some photographs of the adorable kids in costume as soon as I get permission from their parents.“Best Hair” -Marge Simpson. a.k.a. my neighbor

“Best Costume” – Eeyore

“Best Witch”

“Best in Surprise ” – Imagine seeing a life-size cockroach (upper right) dance down your street
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