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November 5, 2015
05 Nov 2015

Understanding and communicating a story is everything

1 subject, 6 stories, 6 photographers, and 6 completely different photographs.

This has been making the rounds on social media. Check it out. Every portrait was successful and told a completely different story. This informs us of two great truths. 1. We all have a perspective or bias 2. Story is everything.

As a photographer & video producer, story informs every aspect of my images and productions. Understanding and powerfully communicating visual stories about people, brands, and messages is what separates the wheat from the chaff in the visual world.

October 14, 2011
14 Oct 2011

On Assignment: Shooting the The iPhone 4S launch with an iPhone

The launch of this phone was not nearly as groundbreaking as the launch of the original iPhone. But the people still came early, waiting in the rain, and some slept outside of the Reston, VA Apple store just to be first in line. I was not one of those people, but I did tell a little story about it with my iPhone 4 for USA TODAY. I had so much fun shooting it with my iPhone. It was like shooting an assignment with prime lens because the iPhone camera doesn’t have an optical zoom. I could talk more about the gear I used in conjunction with my iPhone 4 in another post if there is interest.

So, how many Apple devices do you own?

March 29, 2011
29 Mar 2011

Politics and clicks: Photographing The Hill

Anxious testimony, indignant recoils, and false bravado could only mean one thing–politics on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. This is a peak into the life of what it’s like being a photographer on “The Hill.” I don’t go there a lot, but Every time I do, it is a little like this. Lots of waiting, lots of time spent on my knees, and lots of great photographers like Chip Somodevilla and Melina Mara to admire and learn from.

The Well: Covering Capitol Hill from Chris Gregory on Vimeo.

March 5, 2011
05 Mar 2011

A spur from Texas to go back to the blog

I just went to one of my favorite photography conferences of the year and was challenged by the Photoshop guru of the world* Scott Kelby to blog. So, I’m back to share some of my favorite photos, stories, and tips with you all!

DC Photography | Photo Blog

The new cowboy on the block. Meet Rory. He came to be a cowboy and drive longhorn steer at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. © Garrett Hubbard 2011

Have you ever been to a conference where cowboys cracked their whips and the longhorn steer mozy’d on down the street? Anyone have any conference highlights/horror stories.

*Photoshop guru of the world is my title because well, he’s been the #1 technology teacher for the past six years. I also had the opportunity to guest blog for Scott last July.

February 26, 2009
26 Feb 2009

When Apple comes to town

Apple Systems Engineer Yan Shvalb teaches during a two-hour Final Cut Pro Studio 2 training session for our newsroom at USA TODAY. © Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

Earlier this week Apple came to our office to do some Final Cut Pro Studio 2 training for the newsroom. I have been using this software for over five years now to tell visual stories. So I feel like I know my way around this program and how to utilize this tool. That said, I am mostly self-taught because I missed the two out-of-class learning sessions back at school during my very first video class back in 2002. I was amazed by how much I learned from him. Yan, thanks for the sweet tips on roll and ripple edits! I even got a sweet black Apple t-shirt because I came up with a geeky solution for a question he wasn’t sure how to answer. The only better piece of schwag would have been a Steve Jobs look-alike black turtleneck which he wears 24/7.

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